Handle him with care.. He may bite.

Show him around to your friends..

Packed with knowledge about his world..

Treat him gently!

Learn about his world!

Meet PLUNKETT, the protocerotops. A VIRTUAL DINOSAUR on your desk using the magic of Augmented Reality! Pet him, play with him. He is cute, curious, mischievous, and always hungry! ..But do be careful. He bites!

Meet Plunkett Video!

Meet Plunkett Video!

Meet Plunkett, the AUGMENTED REALITY dinosaur. Bring him home with you.
Our First DRAW OUR DINOSAUR contest. Winners Announced!

Our First DRAW OUR DINOSAUR contest. Winners Announced!

Our winners get Samsung Galaxy tablets, and Plunkett story books, and more. Missed the contest? Not to worry; we will announce the next one shortly.


...ZZZZ.. Plunkett takes a nap under the Pangaean sun. A Meganuera (gigantic prehistoric dragon fly) decides to take a nap as well.

"Wowwww!!!!!!......" Don, Los Angeles

"My very own pet dinosaur! I love him!" Ruthie, Toronto

" excellent educational app for children.." Michelle, San Bernadino


The more you play with Plunkett the protocerotops, the more you learn about the prehistoric world he comes from. Have fun playing, have fun learning!

DINO ON MY DESK(TM) is another Smart Game from Deepblue Worlds, the makers of XPLORE PANGAEA(TM), the fun and wacky dinosaur and prehistory site.

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