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About Us

DINO ON MY DESK™ is a series of Augmented Reality based apps that aim to be playful, innovative and educational.


INNOVATIV by Appliv Top App Innovator

DINO ON MY DESK™ is created by DEEPBLUE Worlds Inc, where our mission is to create content to Engage, Enchant, and Educate. We believe in creating content that expand minds. To that end, we are busy creating games, activities and websites that provide food for thought, while also providing great fun.


Sunil Thankamushy, Creator

I am a huge fan of science and nature. As a child growing up in India, I have enjoyed roaming around the woods, trekking the countryside, and fishing in mountain streams. I would do this with my idea book in hand – dreaming up comics and inventing stories. For me, nature always inspired creativity.

When I came to the United States in the 90’s as a student of animation at the University of California Los Angles (UCLA), my dream was to  enter the magical world of the entertainment industry. My path led me to the relatively new and exciting world of big-budget video games. I worked as the animation director for several high-adrenaline pumping games, most notably Medal of Honor™, Medal of Honor Frontline™, and Call of Duty Finest Hour™. I loved the process of making games, and the deep camaraderie it fosters among team-members, but I still felt like there was something missing in my creative life.

When my children were born, my life’s direction became clear: I decided to build products that nurture the sense of wonder, inspire curiosity and foster the imagination.

DINO ON MY DESK™ is an Augmented Reality app that I created for dinosaur enthusiasts all over. Using this cutting edge technology, you can for the first time interact with Plunkett, a virtual dinosaur right in your living room!

I believe that every gamer is a learner. If the games are made just right, learning can happen naturally and effortlessly, while the gamer has lots of fun. Within a short period of playing with Plunkett, a gamer can become a mini-expert about the period of earth’s history that Plunkett came from!

Have fun with Plunkett!

Diana, the Community Manager

Diana shakti

Diana Shakti is the Community Manager for DINO ON MY DESK™. She is a graduate of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and San Diego State University. She also is the writer of our first children’s book, titled Dino on My Desk: Meet Plunkett.  Her two children, Krishna and Maya, also participate in the creation of the stories. When she is done juggling family, and the company’s demands, she does Yoga and jogs at the beach




Stephen, the Lead Programmer


Stephen Boileau is the lead programmer of DINO ON MY DESK™.  Relatively new to programming, but remarkably precocious, Stephen represents the face of the DIY crowd, for whom there is no technical problem that a few extra cups of coffee and late nights can’t solve.

Stephen has been fascinated by technology ever since he was a kid- whether it was regarding animated film, video games, or just building things. He has always enjoyed making things work. Working in Autodesk Maya, or Unity is his idea of a good weekend, he claims.



Jesse, the First Programmer




Jesse Yeh is the first programmer for DINO ON MY DESK™! His role on the team was to establish the core application framework and to integrate the works from the other team leads into the project.

He is a recent graduate in Computer Science from University of California, San Diego.  He enjoys making games and playing them as well.  Besides games, Jesse has a passion for motorsports, especially Formula 1 and kart racing!


Pooja, the Animator


Pooja Krishnan is a very talented animator and illustrator, who holds a degree in Arts and Animation. She did most of the character animations of Plunkett the protocerotops. She has always been passionate about animation and wanted to be part of this magical world since she was a kid.  She loves the idea of bringing characters to life and being able to tell stories via these characters.  When she is not animating or drawing, she spends time reading, watching movies, and going on long walks.



Robert, the Animator

Robert Ramirez is from southern California. He discovered a passion for animation early on in his school days. Working on some of the key reaction animations of Plunkett the protocerotops, Robert says, “I enjoyed animating him. Plunkett can be startled, intrigued, or even frightened by each object placed before him. After Plunkett’s initial reaction, the objects would often be devoured or destroyed by Plunkett..” When Robert is not spending time animating he reads, watches movies, plays the piano, and of course, video games.


Robert, the Modeller

Besides doing some of the initial coding for DINO ON MY DESK™ Robert Mejia most notably did the fine modelling of Plunkett the protocerotops.  He also did the detailed texturing and coloring of our lovable dino. Additionally, he also worked on the modelling of the props, and some of the UI elements as well.

Robert is a graduate of Mt. San Antonio College in California, in Animation, Interactive Technology, and Video Graphics.   He has a passion for movies and games and this is the main driver of his energy to create 3D projects.


David, the Voice Actor


David Goldfarb is the voice of the exuberant scientist in DINO ON MY DESK™. He also voiced a large portion of Plunkett’s vocalizations.

Born in Seattle, Washington, David has been doing impressions and making people laugh since elementary school. You’ve heard his voice as Ludwig von Koopa on Mario Kart(TM) 8 and seen him spoof Captain Kirk in a Volkswagen commercial. One of his early career breaks came when Disney hired him to dub the voice of Chance, the American bulldog (played by Michael J. Fox) in ‘Homeward Bound: The incredible Journey.’ His voice overs garnered him one of Seattle’s “Best Voices” awards from Bad Animals studio six years in a row. David studied improv at the Groundlings in Los Angeles.


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