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PLUNKETT is a juvenile protocerotops (Greek for “before the horned faces”); pronounced PRO-toe-SEH-rah-tops.

He comes from a herd of about 12 family members, that roamed the grasslands of Pangaea (also called Pangea), the super-continent. You can read all about this wondrous period of the earth’s history at XPLORE Pangaea.

Plunkett the protocerotops hit on head by coconut











The day Plunkett encountered coconut.



Plunkett the protocerotops turns over rock





Plunkett is very curious. He is always poking around, lifting things..

Plunkett the protocerotops naps in the sun








Napping in the sun with a baby Meganuera on his back..




Plunkett the protocerotops tosses silly lizard

Not everyone appreciates Plunkett’s frolics.

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